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Dear friend,

 Glen here…


 I’ve never been that good at writing sales letters. 


So I’m just going to write this letter imagining that you’re a really good friend of mine and we’re having a lively conversation together..


But before we start,  I need to get a couple of ground rules clear!


Ground Rule #1: There's going to be NO BS spoken here about how successful I am....or about how much I've earned, just to try to impress you.

Ground Rule #2: There's going to be NO screenshots of my Clickbank account.....my commission checks.....my bank statements.... all my cars.....my boats...my house...or anything like that.


You're smart enough to see through all that BS, so I'm not going to insult your intelligence.


In fact, there's going to be NO hype anywhere in this letter from me.


So if you 'get-off' on hype, then I'm sorry...... you'll be real disappointed as you read through this letter!



Ok.....now that we're clear on all of that, I’d like to tell you more about the amazing SEO site building software that has been more than 1 year in the development -  because seriously -. it IS amazing what it can do…


It’s the most powerful piece of SEO site building software that I have ever seen on the internet today.


I know that's a  pretty bold one statement....but KEEP READING… and in return I’ll reveal to you the most foolproof (and genuine) method of creating and building sustainable, long term, extremely profitable 'authority' websites in your niche using a simple, powerful system that will have the search engines clamoring to show your sites in their ‘Top 10’ listings…


..... While making them immune from EVER getting banned or de-listed.... no matter what changes ANY of the search engines ever make to their algorithms in the future…


 What does this mean?


It means you have a PERMANENT source of spectacular income.


 And who doesn’t like that?



 Get This Right, And You’ll

DESTROY 99% Of Your Competitors, And Beat All Those

“Know-It-All” SEO Experts At Their Own Game!



There’s a VERY important point I want to get across to you here.  In fact this idea expands past SEO but I’m just going to keep it basic for now…


Like I said before, you’ll be SMARTER and completely set yourself apart from all those “hot-shot” SEO experts who have been reading textbooks and studying SEO for years, if you just learn this one concept…


And here’s the “amazingly complex” concept (just don’t hold your breath):


Give The Search Engines What They Want.


Now wait! Hold your horses… I know, I know… it doesn’t sound all that “revolutionary” right? … WRONG!


This is the single most powerful SEO “tactic” (if you could call it that) around.


And I predict  - No...I KNOW..... that it will always BE the best.


There’s even a single word to describe it…


Synergy. The interaction of two or more forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.


Because you see…


When you work WITH the Search Engines in 'SYNERGY' you… win.




It’s the ULTIMATE LONG-TERM No-Fail method.


And it’s something that will always beat any 'quick-fix' ...'black-hat'...' grey-hat'....or any other

'let's fool the search engines' tactic method… EVERY TIME.



Why You Should Get Out Of The Business Of The “Tricking The Search Engines” .…Before it Falls To Pieces…


Let me ask you this…..


…….Do you think Google, Yahoo, and MSN and the other search engines employ dumb people?


Of course they don’t.


They employ possibly the smartest computer brains on the planet.


You can try to trick the search engines……if you have a ‘death wish’ for your business…..but, if you’re intending to operate and successful SUSTAINABLE online business, now and into the future, then like it or not, the search engines are your business partners.


Try to fight them…and you'll lose!

Try to trick them….and you'll lose!

Try to cheat them….and you'll lose!


That's it.....plain and simple!


Without the search engines, you’re business is nothing!


By working with the search engines you are in a total win-win-win situation.

  • The search engines will win because they are able to provide valuable usable information and content for their visitors. And those visitors will trust those search engines and keep coming back to use them again. And that's what they want!

  • Your visitor wins because they gain the quality content and information that they’ve been looking for. So they're happy and will return to use that search engine in the future.

  • And finally….YOU win because if you have great resources and first class original content on your websites, you will always be rewarded with high ranking from the search engines and all the traffic you can handle.

Traffic that will make you money for years to come.


ENOUGH about the ‘WHY’ though… Let’s Get Into the ‘HOW’… How you can get top rankings in the Search Engines the RIGHT way and the way that LASTS… which means Maximum Profitability.


 LISTEN UP! Because I’m About To Give You The “Holy-Grail Formula” For Succeeding … No Matter WHAT The Search Engines Do!


And Here’s Some News For You… this formula (no matter what the search engines do…) will NEVER change!


But just quickly, I need to cover something a little “technical'. DON’T worry though...... I'll make it as painless as possible......


What The Heck is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

…And Why Should I Give A Hoot!?


Let me try and explain simply and without boring you to sleep.…


When the Google monster sends out it's spider to search for and read your web pages, Google's algorithm quickly decides whether your web pages are ' relevant' enough and deserve to be highly ranked…


It does this by COMPARING what you talk about in your content to what other established 'experts' are talking about in their industry.


But then Google throws something else into the mix…


It looks at the KEYWORDS in your content, and then decides how to categorize YOUR content based on how each of those keywords relates to each other.


It then decides if those keyword relationships are also common in those websites that have the most integrity and are the most trusted ,or authority websites in your market.


Here’s something pretty amazing… Google's highly complex  algorithm comes as close as the current technology allows  to mimicking the human thought processes as any computer program has ever come to date.


Which is one of the main reasons they are where they are today.


And Google uses their algorithm to find out if your site is displaying relevant and useful information to the human visitors that come to your site.


Now, don't let all that scare you, because the good news about Google's algorithm for all of us who want to create credibleethical websites is that Google's spiders can now search and destroy spam and garbage content easier than ever before. And that's great news.


Here’s What Happens Though…


After I’ve told people about Google’s ever-changing algorithm and why being tricky with the search engines is never going to cut it…


The smart ones always ask me something along the lines of this…



“Well Glen, if that’s the case…  How Do I Make The Search Engines Fall In Love With My Web Sites So That They Always Get Ranked Highly…


 “And How Do I KEEP IT THAT WAY No Matter What The Search Engines Do To Change Their Algorithms?”



Well let me help you answer that by giving you something quite valuable…



Here’s The “No-Fail” BLUEPRINT For Getting A Top Ranking In Any Search Engine …Starting Right Now!



There's  nothing magical about what you need to do. In fact it’s quite simple.


 1.... Spend as much time as possible creating good original content that your human visitors finds useful.


People are searching the Internet primarily to find what?….




They aren’t searching for web pages full of advertising junk. What everyone wants is rock solid content on whatever topic they are interested in.


But not just any old content!


The days of dumping scraped content, or articles from article directories that have been copied and posted on thousands of websites, is very quickly coming to an end.


From this moment on…the quality of the content that you provide to your human visitors is going to have a huge impact on how much money you make online.


If you want to build a successful business online, and make a lot of money, it comes down to this one major thing…the content you have on your site.


Ensure that your content is valuable enough so that your visitor will stay on your site for more than 5 or 10 seconds (and not want to ‘get off your page’ as quickly as they can because your content is so rotten).


The better your content is in any given market. The higher your traffic will be (even if you’re brand new to a market).


Your site will get linked to, talked about on forums and blogs, and others will want to do business with you.


It will become an uncontrollable chain reaction that will generate more permanent income for you.



          2.....Create content that covers ALL aspects of your chosen niche or market.


Here's what so many webmasters think has to be done to create a so called 'content' website.


They go and collect a handful of general articles on a popular niche topic, build a website, add some Adsense to the pages, maybe an affiliate product or two…and then they move on the next topic, and start all over again.


Is a random selection of vague article cobbled together and turned into a website…. going to make the search engines want to rank your site highly?.....


…No Chance!


If you want to dominate ANY market, you have to cover your selected topic or niche as deep and wide as you can.


That's the way you'll eventually become THE 'authority' and the  'favored site' on your chosen topic, by covering it better than any of your competitors can.


Put technically… It's called 'Themeing'…..


And if you know how to do it correctly….you will build a long term income producing online asset for years to come, no matter how or when the search engines change their algorithms.


And possibly the biggest secret of all….the secret that most webmaster totally miss out on (or ignore altogether)



3.....Make sure the structure of your website makes it easy for the search engine to crawl and easily rank your web pages highly.


Believe me....this is a 'big one'... But most webmasters haven't got a clue about where to start.


Did you know the search engines actually prefer websites that have a logical and specifically defined structure.


Do you know what that structure is?


The structure of choice and structure that search engines LOVE by is called the ‘Silo’ Structure.


This structure involves creating your web sites pages using a very specific method of categorizing and linking all the web sites pages together in such a way that the search engines can spider your site in a logical flowing way making it easy for the search engines to exactly determine the ‘theme’ of your site. (this can get very complicated, but the software I created – the one you’re about to see makes this EXTREMELY easy)


THIS! Is the “SEO Holy-Grail”….And Very Few People Know About It or Understand Just How Vital It Is!



You see, when the above happens, your site will have unlimited potential to become the ‘authority site’ or ‘favored source’ in your market, and be given page one ranking by the search engines.


But 99.5% of webmasters have no idea about what it takes to develop a proper silo structured website.


In fact, as I said earlier, most webmasters just avoid thinking about it, or just can't be bothered, because in their minds it takes too much time, and is too hard to learn and understand.


Which is sad for them....But great news for you!


Look, the ultimate solution to anyone interested in building a long term sustainable online business in any niche, is to build your sites using a silo structure.


 I think with my last 20 or so paragraphs I’ve undoubtedly proved this.




“But There’s One HUGE Problem…


Google (and all the other major search engines) don’t want people building authority sites that automatically get ranked in the top ten for huge keywords in a couple hours.


That would cause too much saturation and make things unpredictable.


Building a PROPERLY Silo structured site takes extremely large amounts of time.


In fact building one that will actually rank in the search engines can literally take… MONTHS AND MONTHS OF HARD WORK!



So yes..... Silo Structured Sites are the “Holy-Grail” Answer.


But why has hardly ANYONE been using them?


Easy! Because silo structured sites take FAR TOO LONG, and are complex to build manually.


This is why I have spent so many man hours working on a simply amazing piece of software…


One that makes building Silo Structured Sites easy and fast.



Here’s Why SILO SITE CREATOR Is The Most POWERFUL Piece Of SEO Site Building Software Available....


… And Why I’m Only EVER Going To Sell 320 Copies



Read the next line carefully because I’m not sure if you understand just how potent the software you’re about to learn about is…


See, with the power of my software… SILO SITE CREATOR you can rank for virtually any keyword you could ever want.


I’ll say it once more… because it’s THAT important…


With the power of SILO SITE CREATOR you can build YOUR site to rank

for virtually ANY keyword (and any market niche) you could ever want!


You can go head to head with GIANT corporations – you can beat out SEO pro’s… and you can easily beat any competitor in your niche.


All you have to do is build properly silo structured websites using my automated software (this is extremely easy to do and takes 100th of the time it does to do this manually!).


With my SILO SITE CREATOR software, you don’t even need to understand all the complex technical details of what a silo structure is…


Because the SILO SITE CREATOR software automates the whole process for you.


This means you’ll get to create professional level, optimized  websites - the way the search engines want them - without knowing or having to worry about any of the technicalities.


Look, I have no doubt that SILO SITE CREATOR is the most powerful SEO site building software available today…


In fact it does MORE than just build web pages…A lot more!


But what exactly does this software do?


Well I’ll tell you!

You Get 11 Incredibly Powerful Functions In This One Amazing Piece Of Software.

  • Automatically Creates and Maintains The Internal Silo Linking Structure Of All Your Pages: Which means you can create professional level websites with a powerful silo structure that even the most skilled SEO webmasters have trouble understanding and doing correctly. Add or remove pages and all the internal linking navigation structure is changed automatically without you having to do a thing.

Trying to create a silo structured web site manually is a huge task. SILO SITE CREATOR takes all the effort out of the process by automatically handling all the navigation and internal linking structure between the pages of your website based on correctly themed silo structure.


  • Create Any Number Of Silos: SILO SITE CREATOR allows you to have any number of silos in your web site with an infinite number of pages in each silo. Now you can easily create and build a 1000 page site if you want to. It's up to you. SILO SITE CREATOR  allows you to build and manage as many well themed and structured 'authority site' as you want without wasting  hours and hours of frustrating work trying to figure out how to do it manually..

  • Import Articles For Your Content From Any Source: SILO SITE CREATOR allows you to import .txt articles from any source. SILO SITE CREATOR  does not generate any scraped or spam content from article databases or any other generic sources like many other automated page generation programs. All the unique content is provided by you.

If you're using PLR articles that hundreds of other people might also be using, you should modify the articles as much as possible to make them unique so as to avoid any possible duplicate content problems.

  • Unique Content Management #TOKEN# System: Allows you to automatically add content to you pages using a simple #token# system . Use  SILO SITE CREATOR's standard tokens, or create you own #custom_tokens# for any function or code that you choose. SILO SITE CREATOR offers you the ultimate in content flexibility.

For example, if you want to add images into your pages, you put your image code into SSC's token generator, and the code is automatically converted into a #token# that you can now position in your pages. Wherever you place the #image1# token, your image will appear.


If you want to add an 'Optin Form' to your pages, you just insert your form code into the token generator, and SSC creates a token for your 'Optin Form'. It's that easy!


You can generate as many #customtokens# as you want and name them to suit your specific needs.


  • Auto Growth Function: SILO SITE CREATOR's powerful Auto Growth  function, allows you to add articles  to your site/s automatically on a schedule set by you. You import your articles into SILO SITE CREATOR and the software adds the article pages to your site on a pre-determined schedule that you set. SILO SITE CREATOR  also has the powerful unique ability to also allocate your articles to the correct silo, so that all your themes remain in the structure that Google wants (and loves)

For example, If you have 5 silos, you could set SILO SITE CREATOR to add two articles per week to each of your 5 silos).  With this unique feature, your site continues to grows naturally.


  • Automated FTP Function: Allows you to update and upload your sites all from within the software. With this unique function you can set your schedule for automatic updates. SILO SITE CREATOR generates your article pages and uploads them to your server without any effort on your part. Just set the update schedule, set your FTP details and SILO SITE CREATOR does the rest for you.

  • PPC Publishing: Insert your unique PPC ad code on each and every page. SILO SITE CREATOR allows you to add in multiple PPC codes for Adsense, Kontera, Yahoo Publisher,  or any other Ad Code or CPA system you choose.

  • Contextual Ad Links Creator: Use the power of pay-per-click ads with the potential of generating a huge affiliate income. SILO SITE CREATOR creates 'contextual ad links' within your web pages based on any keywords you select. Now you can dynamically create unique affiliate links based on specific keywords that YOU set and then deploys them in the content of your webpage. You choose the keyword/s and  allocate a specific affiliate product that relates to those keyword/s, which means you earn the highest commissions possible from the best affiliate products.


For example, if you have a Golf site, you can choose to set a up a 'contextual  ad link' for the keyword phrase 'Golf Shoes'. With  SILO SITE CREATOR's  unique contextual ad link function, you can create an affiliate link to a website that sells golf shoes and earn affiliate income from every sale.


So every time the word 'golf shoes' appears in the content of your web pages, it automatically becomes a contextual ad link to that specific affiliate site.


You could also choose to have 'long-tail keywords' set up as your contextual ad link. For example, you can set up 'Nike Golf Shoes Laguna Beach', and have an affiliate link  to a store that sells Nike Golf Shoes in Laguna Beach.


Think of earning potential you will have with this feature.


No other software has this feature built in  where you can link an affiliate product to a specific keyword, a keyword phrase or 'long-tail' keyword phrase, that is defined by you.


  • Internal WYSIWYG Editor: Allows you to use your own template designs, modify your templates and add in your content #tokens# in a unique way, without having to leave the program.


  • 'Tell-A-Friend': We're also giving you given you a powerful 'Tell-A-Friend' function that you can add into any (or all) of your pages. Having a 'Tell-A-Friend' function on your site means that all your visitors will be helping to bring in even more targeted visitors to your site. And what could be better than that.

  • 'Bookmark This Page':  Having this great simple little function added to all your web pages, means that you're making it as easy as possible for your visitors to keep coming back to your site time and time again.



With all powerful features, SILO SITE CREATOR is EASILY the best SEO site building software available on the market today!


(I spent months searching the net trying to find any software that does 20% of what SILO SITE CREATOR can do…..but I gave up. I couldn't find anything!)


How Much Would You Pay For


SEO Site Building Software In The World?


Like I said before, with this piece of software you'll be able to go HEAD-TO-HEAD with big boys, that’s how powerful it is…


But guess how much those big name corporations are going to spend to COMPETE with you?


In fact, to hire an SEO company to get you BIG results for BIG keywords, you’re going to have to pay BIG money.


$10,000 to a campaign is just for starters…


$100,000 for a search engine campaign isn’t a rare amount to spend.


And imagine this.....some companies even have SEO budgets that go into the MILLIONS (that’s $1,000,000+)


Heck, even to hire a small time SEO guy to consult with you, it's going to cost you a minimum of $2000 for a decent job. And that’s for ONE job on one website.


(With SILO SITE CREATOR you'll be able to build an UNLIMITED number of sites)


I know full well that if I were to offer this piece of software to an SEO guy who really knows what they are doing, I could quite easily sell it at $2,000 a piece.


But right now, I'm not going to reveal what the price of the SILO SITE CREATOR software is going to be.


All I'm saying is this - and I'm going to be honest with you.....


If you're expecting the SILO SITE CREATOR software to be one of those cheap-end software products that usually sells to the masses for $97...$197 or $397 -  then you'll be in for a big disappointment.


Make no mistake...


This software is going to be exclusive, and only a select few people will ever get The Opportunity to own it!



And I can also tell you this....The SILO SITE CREATOR software WILL NEVER be released to the masses! - I guarantee it!


So, let's get right down to it....


1... If you're scared of what the price of the 'SILO SITE CREATOR' software might be, then please DO NOT join the Priority Release List.


Like I said....... this is NOT a  cheap-end software. And never will be!


2... If all you want to do is crank out hundreds of automated garbage web sites, as fast as possible, you've come to the wrong place. So please DO NOT join the Priority Release List.


3... If you're looking for SILO SITE CREATOR to be some 'magic pill' that will solve all your online business problems and make you rich overnight........ DEFINITELY DO NOT join the Priority Release List.


 However, if want to be part of something exclusive ( and will stay that way) -  something that will change the way you do business online now and into the future, then I invite you to get on my 'Priority Release List' now. 


To do that..... just complete the form below, and you'll be locked-in


If you're not on this list...you won't get a look in! 



All The Best






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